Loophead e-Bike hire at Keane's bar & Grocery

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Let us indroduce you to a new, better way to explore Loophead Peninsula.

Loophead e-Bikes leaflet

We provide top quality "Giant" e-Bike Models.
Battery life is very long and carefully used can take you +/- 50km around the Peninsula.
There are 3 settings and the host will explain in great detail how each works.
Included in the booking are:
- High-quality "Giant" eBike
- Helmet
- Hi-Viz Jacket
- Panier
- Map of the routes suggested for you
On arrival the host will ensure to set you off for a wonderful experience by going through everything you need to know before your adventure.

If you wish to book you can give us a call or send us an email.

There is plenty to see on the Loop Head Peninsula. Just a few suggestions here:
- Carrigaholt Castle
- Grave of the yellow men
- Loophead Lighthouse
- Church of the Little Ark
- Bridges of Ross
There are many places to stop and swim or cliff walk. There is also two restaurants, The Long Dock in Carrigaholt and Keatings in Kilbaha where you can have some good, locally produced food after your adventure. Why not to enjoy a perfect pint of Guinness upon your arrival back in Keane's first?

Picture of the Carrigaholt castle
Kilkee Cliffs

Imagine having a picnic in the spot like this! Good news - there are many places like this one around the Loophead peninsula.
Kilkee cliffs are a perfect stop along the way to recharge and take in the view.
We can offer you a snack-pack for the road as well so you can have a lovely picnic - just ask Margaret about it when booking your bike.

Do you like swimming? If yes then let me tell you - there is nothing like a good dip straight into the Atlantic!
After a few minutes inside, your body and soul is going to feel amazing. As we mentioned before, there are quite a few spots to go for a swim around Loophead. This particular spot is at one of the "must visit" places on the peninsula - the Bridges of Ross.
If you're interested in learning more about where to go for a swim ask Margaret and she will tell you all about it.
Just make sure to check the tide at the time you're planning your swim!

Swimming at the bridges of Ross

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to call, we're looking forward to hearing from you!